„Luthien – Part II“ was released some days ago – enjoy our songs on all streaming platforms as Spotify, iTunes, etc…

We just released „Luthien I“ – another five great songs that can be streamed on almost every platform.

RELEASE: we just released „stations“ on all streaming platforms. A brand new song and some demos of the past years… just stations.

Yeah 2020 – we just added some more live gigs to our webpage. Take a look.

THANK YOU ABSEITS!!! We enjoyed a wonderful night with THE VIKE and STEAM and a great audience. Thanks for coming, thanks for playing and thanks for listening. A special thanks to the Abseits-team for all your creativity and all your efforts that night.

MAEGLIN LIVE „YEEEAAAAH“ – see us live on 14.12.2019 at Jugendhaus Abseits, Vaihingen Enz… The VIKE and STEAM will also join this evening. We hope to see you there.

We released some more live songs on YouTube… visit our channel.

We are proud to tell you that we recorded another great song. We did a live recording at Station9. Thank you Sven! This was a great experience with you and hopefully soon we can present this record.

Find our latest release on YouTube. We are lucky about a live video recorded in Wiernsheim…The music is from our „sound noisy“-EP which you find on Spotify and many more streaming platforms.

Wiernsheim!!! Thank you so much! A great concert and a great place to be! An incredible audience and we are proud to have been invited by Chameleon for this awesome gig!

Read about the gig in Pforzheimer Zeitung… they obviously like us